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Castine, 2019
Acrylic on linen
8 x 10 in

"Castine" by Guillo Perez 3 is an artistic representation of the coastal town of Castine, Maine, known for its rich history dating back to the 17th century. The painting, which features blue tones, depicts a ship and a tugboat, likely navigating the waters surrounding the town, highlighting the significance of the seafaring industry to the area. The seafaring industry has played an important role in Castine's history, with shipbuilding and shipping being major economic drivers in the 19th century and privateering being prevalent during the War of 1812. The artwork may also reflect the artist's personal connection and interpretation of the town and its rich historical background. The composition and style of the painting, with its use of blue tones, convey the artist's perspective and evoke emotions or memories for those familiar with Castine. Overall, the artwork serves as a visual representation of a specific time and place in history, with the blue and yellow tones adding to the atmosphere and mood of the piece and the seafaring history of the town being a significant part of it.

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