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First Born
Oil on canvas
24 x 24 in


"First Born" by John Gurbacs

"First Born" by John Gurbacs offers a captivating glimpse into the heart of our primal origins, beautifully echoing the central theme of the "EDEN: Beyond Paradise" exhibition. The painting, which masterfully melds elements of humanity and the untamed wilderness, invites viewers to explore the concept of EDEN through the lens of evolution.

At the heart of "First Born" stands a striking portrait of a figure, poised at the cusp between humanity and the primal world. The figure is a testament to our shared ancestry, a bridge connecting our sophisticated existence with the untamed wilderness that once was our cradle.

The composition is anchored by four egg-like shapes strategically placed across the canvas, representing the elemental beginnings of life and creation. These forms encircle the central figure, underscoring the notion of birth, renewal, and the cyclical nature of existence.

The color palette within "First Born" plays a vital role in communicating the painting's message. Hues of gray and red envelop the human aspect of the composition, portraying the intricate blend of our intellect and our primal instincts. This side of the painting signifies the tension and harmony between civilization and the untamed world.

On the primate side of the canvas, a palette of purple and yellow unfolds, creating a vivid contrast. These vibrant colors symbolize the vibrant energy of the wilderness, highlighting the unfettered essence of our ancestral roots.

"First Born" is an exploration of the duality within each of us—the juxtaposition of our civilized, modern selves with the inherent, primal instincts that shape our humanity. It speaks to the eternal question of our origins and the ongoing journey toward understanding our place within the tapestry of existence.

This remarkable piece by John Gurbacs embodies the very essence of the "EDEN: Beyond Paradise" exhibition, prompting viewers to contemplate the complex interplay between our origins, our progress, and the ever-persistent connection to the wilderness from which we emerged. It serves as a striking testament to the enduring allure of the concept of EDEN and our place within its evolving narrative.

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