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Natural Beauty Series 5
30 x 40 in
Encaustic and oils on framed canvas

In this mesmerizing piece by Delaney Bend, we're drawn into a captivating fusion of abstract realism and vibrant imagery. At its heart lies a brilliantly colored orchid, delicately projected onto a bare female figure exuding a sensual relaxation in her stance. As we immerse ourselves in this composition, we're invited to contemplate the delicate balance between fragility and resilience, where the orchid and feminine form harmonize in perfect unity.

Inspired by eco-feministic ideals, Bend's work serves as a profound reflection on the interconnectedness of all life forms. Through the use of encaustic and oil, she delves into the core principles of ecofeminism, addressing gender equality and environmental preservation. By projecting images of coral and foliage onto the female body, Bend captures the essence of natural beauty, symbolizing the Earth in her most pristine state.

The collaboration between encaustic and oil further enhances the thematic depth of Bend's work. Both mediums embody the resilient, delicate, and primitive characteristics mirrored in the feminine and the ecosystem. This symbiotic relationship underscores the delicate balance required for societal sustainability and ecological preservation, inviting us to contemplate the primitive resiliency and delicacy inherent in both realms. Through her artistry, Bend invites us to embrace a world where mutual respect and celebration of inherent dualities reign supreme.

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