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Persona Ficta
Graphite on canvas
50 x 60 in

"Persona Ficta" is a thought-provoking artwork by Greg Latch, depicted in graphite on canvas, delving into the intersection of art and commerce. The Latin title translates to "Fictitious Person," offering insight into the theme of the piece.

In this compelling composition, Latch presents a suited self-portrait, juxtaposing the artist's traditional image with the veneer of corporate attire. Through this visual metaphor, the artwork explores the dynamic relationship between artistic expression and the commercial demands of the art world.

The suited figure symbolizes the adaptation artists often make to navigate the commerce-driven landscape of the arts. In a world where appearances hold significance, the piece challenges the notion of authenticity and the masks individuals, including artists, must wear to fit societal expectations.

"Persona Ficta" prompts viewers to contemplate the complexities of identity and the masks we all don in different contexts. It underscores the tension between artistic integrity and the pragmatic realities of commercial success, highlighting the compromises artists may face in pursuit of their craft.

Through the nuanced portrayal of the suited self-portrait, Latch invites us to consider the role of appearance and persona in shaping perceptions and navigating professional landscapes. Ultimately, "Persona Ficta" serves as a poignant reminder of the multifaceted nature of identity and the ever-present tension between artistic expression and commercial viability.

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