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Picasso Eat your Heart Out
Mixed Media on Skateboard Deck

"Picasso Eat Your Heart Out" is a captivating mixed media piece on a skateboard deck by the talented Artysta LuLu. A striking blend of spontaneity and artistic intuition, this artwork has drawn comparisons to the iconic Picasso, though Artysta LuLu never intended to replicate his work.

The creative journey began with the face, the only pre-sketched element on the board. As the artist delicately drew the facial features, the plan was to freestyle the torso. However, the unique bottom curve of the skateboard caught Artysta LuLu's attention, sparking a vision of a charming apple bottom.

Without hesitation, the artist allowed the character or idea to take charge, guiding the freestyle creation of the torso to gracefully follow the curve of the board. In this dynamic interplay between intention and inspiration, the artwork took on a life of its own.

Artysta LuLu aptly describes the process, stating that much like the moment you step out of the shower, surrounded by sparkling mist, you must check yourself out in the mirror, even if you have a small apple bottom. The analogy beautifully captures the essence of the piece – a celebration of self-expression, embracing uniqueness, and letting the art speak for itself.

"Picasso Eat Your Heart Out" stands as a testament to the artist's ability to seamlessly merge intention with artistic instinct, resulting in a visually stunning and thought-provoking creation that invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of spontaneous artistry.

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