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Ride With Me, 2022
Oil on canvas
48 x 60 in

"Ride with Me" is a stunning painting that captures the beauty and grace of horses running through water. The canvas is filled with rich, lifelike details and a breathtaking sense of movement. The horses are depicted mid-gallop, their hooves splashing through the shallow water as they run. The ripples and waves created by their movement add to the sense of action and energy in the painting. The colors are bold and vibrant, with shades of blue and green representing the water and the horses' coats shining in the sunlight. The overall effect is one of freedom and wildness, as if the viewer is right there with the horses, feeling the rush of the wind and the cool spray of the water. The title, "Ride with Me," perfectly captures the feeling of adventure and excitement that is conveyed through the use of color, composition, and detail in the painting. This piece would be a wonderful addition to any home or office, bringing a sense of wonder and joy to any space.

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