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Snake Eyes
Oil on canvas
24 x 24 in

"Snake Eyes" by John Gurbacs emerges as a nuanced exploration of personal and societal norms, intricately conveyed through the symbolic representation of the King Snake and the Boa. Gurbacs, through deliberate choices in color and composition, elevates the narrative to a contemplation on the delicate dance between individual identity and societal expectations.

The vivid hues employed, notably the assertive yellow and black of the King Snake and the enigmatic grayish blue with vibrant yellow highlights of the Boa, transcend aesthetic appeal. These colors become vessels of meaning, embodying the contrasting forces within society. The shared honey-colored eyes of both snakes suggest a common thread in human experience, yet their divergent colors represent the intricate interplay of boldness and resilience, individuality and conformity.

The assertive yellow eyes of the King Snake symbolize a determination to challenge societal norms, embodying the spirit of individual rebellion and self-expression. In contrast, the grayish-blue and yellow eyes of the Boa reflect a resilience to navigate within societal expectations, adapting without sacrificing the essence of one's uniqueness.

Central to the composition is the tautly stretched rope, a visual metaphor for societal constraints. The imminent breakage of the rope signifies the impending clash between established norms and the forces that seek to challenge and reshape them. This prompts viewers to reflect on the delicate equilibrium between conformity and individual expression, the tension between societal order and the transformative potential of breaking free from restrictive structures.

"Snake Eyes" invites a profound contemplation on the intricacies of personal and social identity. Gurbacs employs color symbolism and visual tension to encourage viewers to question established norms, consider the consequences of conformity or rebellion, and ponder the delicate balance between asserting individuality and conforming to societal expectations. The painting serves as a captivating exploration of the complexities inherent in the dance between personal authenticity and the broader expectations of society.

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