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Stolen Image Series 1, 2022
Mixed media on board
24 x 43 in

In Stolen Image Series 1, Greg Latch reimagines Tamara de Lempicka's iconic painting, La Belle Rafaella, through the lens of abstract expressionism. Latch's version of the painting is a commentary on the power dynamics inherent in art and the ways in which cultural objects can be appropriated and transformed for personal gain.

In this interpretation, Latch has altered the central figure's position and added elements of abstract expressionism, using bold, sweeping strokes and vivid colors to give the piece a sense of movement and energy. While the original composition is still visible, it is transformed by Latch's stylistic choices and the deliberate use of abstraction.

Through these modifications, Latch invites the viewer to question the authenticity and value of artistic expression in a world where images can be easily copied and manipulated. The Stolen Image Series 1 serves as a reminder of the complex relationships between art, power, and identity, and the ways in which these relationships are constantly evolving.

Overall, Stolen Image Series 1 is a visually striking and thought-provoking piece that challenges our perceptions of art and its role in society.


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