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Stolen Image Series 3, 2022
Mixed media on board
24 x 43 in

Greg Latch's "Stolen Images No. 3" is a captivating mixed media pastel on board piece that offers a thought-provoking interpretation of Michelangelo's Studies for the Libyan Sibyl drawing. The combination of pastels and other materials on the board surface creates an intriguing blend of texture and color that captures the viewer's attention.

Latch's work challenges our understanding of art, originality, and ownership. By manipulating and layering a familiar image from art history, he invites us to question the authenticity and value of art in our contemporary culture.

In addition to this, Latch incorporates elements of pop art and graffiti into the piece, such as the propaganda-style placement of his name in the rear. This further adds to the piece's innovative and unique nature, pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

The mixed media format of the artwork not only enhances its visual impact but also reflects the complexity of the ideas it presents. Latch's use of different materials and techniques creates a multi-layered piece that encourages us to look closer and think deeper.

Overall, Greg Latch's "Stolen Images No. 3" is an exceptional artwork that captures the essence of contemporary art in its exploration of familiar images, originality, and the value of creativity. The piece offers an exciting and innovative perspective on one of Michelangelo's famous works and invites us to contemplate the meaning and relevance of art in our modern world.

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