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Surf and Turf, 2023
Oil on canvas
42 x 72 in
The painting "Surf and Turf" by Eric Ondina depicts a lively pool scene with a hint of danger in the background. The foreground of the painting features several pink flamingo floats bobbing on the water, their long necks curving elegantly in the stillness. The pool water is a deep turquoise blue, inviting and serene.

But in the background of the painting, a bright orange fire can be seen burning, with plumes of smoke rising up into the sky. The smoke casts a dark shadow over the otherwise bright and cheerful pool scene, lending a sense of unease to the overall atmosphere of the painting.

The brushstrokes in the painting are loose and expressive, capturing a sense of movement and energy in the scene. The fire in the distance adds an element of drama to the otherwise peaceful pool setting, and the juxtaposition of the two creates a dynamic tension that draws the viewer in.

Overall, "Surf and Turf" by Eric Ondina is a thought-provoking painting that combines playful elements with a hint of danger, all rendered in vibrant color and lively brushwork. The shadow cast by the smoke from the fire adds a layer of complexity to the scene, creating a sense of unease and prompting reflection on the fragility of our surroundings.
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