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Collecting Ghosts #2
21 x 27 in

Introducing "Collecting Ghosts II" by Deidra Leigh Kling – a profound exploration of pain, resilience, and spiritual transcendence.

In this captivating composition, a woman kneels gracefully, draped in flowing fabric. Delicately caressing her body, the fabric's juxtaposition with symbolic traces of blood on her left bosom portrays vulnerability and strength in a poignant contrast.

Amidst the pain, hope emerges as her other hand cradles a vibrant bouquet, symbolizing resilience and rebirth. This interplay of vulnerability and strength prompts introspection.

A golden circle on her back, reminiscent of a full moon, alludes to an inner strength, akin to a halo. The fusion of fragility and spiritual radiance invites contemplation, inspiring deeper exploration of our own existence.

Don't miss experiencing the profound narrative of Deidra Leigh Kling, showcased at Marcolina's Fine Arts Gallery and available for your art collection.

Congratulations to Deidra Leigh Kling on another extraordinary creation! Prepare to be enchanted as this thought-provoking photograph unravels the complexities of the human experience.

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