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What You Think You Become, 2023
Acrylic on canvas
48 x 50 in


Artysta Lulu's "What You Think You Become" is a captivating and thought-provoking artwork that invites viewers on a journey of introspection and personal transformation. At the center of this masterpiece stands a majestic golden Buddha, symbolizing reverence and spiritual enlightenment.

The phrase "What You Think You Become" spans the entirety of the canvas, serving as a powerful reminder of the profound influence our thoughts have on shaping our destinies. It encapsulates the essence of mindfulness, urging us to recognize the connection between our thoughts and the outcomes we experience in life.

Through a skillful combination of symbolism and visual elements, Lulu seamlessly incorporates the five earthly elements into the painting. Air, water, fire, earth, and metals are subtly represented, creating a harmonious environment wherever the artwork resides. This integration of elements enhances the overall balance and vibrational energy of the space.

Lulu's intention with "What You Think You Become" goes beyond aesthetics. The artwork is designed to inspire mindfulness and personal growth in its viewers. By prompting us to reflect on the power of our thoughts and the importance of self-awareness, the painting becomes a catalyst for positive change and transformation.

As you engage with "What You Think You Become," allow yourself to delve into its layers of symbolism and contemplate the profound messages it conveys. Immerse yourself in the profound beauty and spiritual depth of this remarkable artwork, and discover the potential for personal growth and self-realization that lies within.

Experience the transformative power of Lulu's "What You Think You Become" and allow it to ignite a spark of introspection and mindfulness within you. This captivating artwork has the ability to transcend the canvas and resonate deeply with each viewer, inviting them to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace the infinite possibilities that lie within their thoughts.

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