Collection: LOCAL VALUES

25 MAY - 25 JUNE 2023

"Local Values: A Captivating Blend of Photography and Oil Paintings"

"Local Values" is a mesmerizing exhibition that showcases the diverse essence of local culture and natural beauty through a captivating mix of photography and oil paintings. The exhibition presents a thought-provoking collection that encompasses various themes, from religious and street portraits to enchanting landscapes and intriguing human connections.

The photography section of the exhibition delves into the deep spiritual and cultural aspects of the local community. Through the lens, the viewer is transported into a world of devotion, witnessing the fervor and rituals of religious practices. The photographs offer an intimate glimpse into the lives of individuals as they express their faith and devotion in captivating ways. The portraits captured on the streets depict the rich diversity of the community, revealing the unique stories and emotions of its people.

Complementing the photography collection, the oil paintings feature an intriguing juxtaposition of elements. One series portrays women confidently adorned in red bikinis, fearlessly accompanied by wolves. These evocative paintings challenge societal norms and explore themes of empowerment, freedom, and the connection between humans and nature. Another noteworthy piece is a vibrant landscape depicting a misty waterfall, where a simple house emerges amidst the colorful haze. This artwork symbolizes the harmony between humanity and nature, highlighting the serenity and tranquility found within the natural world.

"Local Values" captivates the viewer with its diverse range of subjects and artistic expressions. Through the synergy of photography and oil paintings, the exhibition offers a multi-dimensional experience that celebrates local culture, explores personal narratives, and showcases the inherent beauty of the surrounding environment. Prepare to be captivated by the stunning visuals and inspired by the stories that unfold within this extraordinary collection.