Collection: EDEN: Beyond Paradise

19 OCT - 30 NOV 2023

Art Exhibition brochure - Eden: Beyond Paradise

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey at Marcolina's —an artistic revolution where an enchanting collection of paintings and evocative photography redefines EDEN beyond traditional bounds. 

Breaking Conventions:

"EDEN" rebels against norms, beckoning you to break free from conventional paradises. Immerse yourself in the nuanced strokes of a brush and the captured essence of a photograph. Experience EDEN as a place, a memory, a touch—deeply personal and uniquely individual.

A Kaleidoscope of Interpretations:

This exhibition is not merely an assembly of artworks; it's a canvas of possibilities urging you to explore diverse interpretations through a captivating collection of paintings and photography. Feel the raw emotion within these artworks, transporting you to a place beyond the ordinary. Witness EDEN unfold as a living narrative, echoing personal echoes of nostalgia, dreams, and sensory connections.

Eden in Nature:

Feel the primal embrace of untamed landscapes and inquire within: Does nature's EDEN transport you to a sanctuary of tranquility? As you stand before these depictions, let the immersive beauty pull you into a world where every leaf, every ripple, becomes a portal to a unique, personal sanctuary.


Urban Utopias:

In the hustle of city life, discover if towering structures and vibrant energy can symbolize your utopia. Can a painting or photograph capture the rhythm of your urban Eden? Sense the pulse of city life, and find resonance with the concrete jungles or serene alleyways—each capturing an essence of your individual utopia.

Personal Visions:

"EDEN" invites you to contribute to the narrative. Can you see your personal EDEN? Immerse yourself in the intimacy of your own interpretations. These artworks serve as mirrors reflecting the kaleidoscope of your experiences, where each stroke and snapshot tells a story unique to you.

Our Personal Edens:

Beyond the exhibited artworks, explore the personal Edens of the artists. What fuels their creativity? Delve into the passion shaping their visions. Step into their world, where each piece carries a fragment of their soul, offering a glimpse into the diverse landscapes of their own EDENs.

Respecting Roots:

While transcending religious boundaries, the exhibition pays homage to the roots of the Edenic concept in religious traditions. Select artworks draw inspiration from biblical narratives, serving as bridges between diverse interpretations and fostering respectful dialogue. Whether depicted on canvas, through the lens, or sculpted in stone, the roots of EDEN run deep. Allow the roots of EDEN to intertwine with your own narrative.

Embark on the Extraordinary:

Prepare to be transported as Marcolina's undergoes a metamorphosis into a realm of diverse perspectives and avant-garde exploration. "EDEN: Beyond Paradise" is not just an exhibition; it's an odyssey into the soul of creativity with a captivating collection of paintings and photography. Stand before the canvases and photographs, not merely as an observer, but as a participant in the unraveling narrative. Feel the resonance of these artworks, inviting you to reimagine your own story within the broader tapestry of EDEN.


EDEN: Beyond Paradise