Collection: ERIC ONDINA

Eric Ondina (born 1988) is a highly accomplished artist known for his captivating work and innovative techniques. He obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Florida State University in 2013 and further honed his skills by earning a Master of Fine Arts from the prestigious University of South Florida in 2019. Currently, Eric's artistic practice thrives within his vibrant studio nestled in the heart of Ybor City, an enchanting historic district in Tampa, Florida.

Recognized for his talent both locally and nationally, Eric has showcased his artworks in various prestigious exhibitions. Notably, he exhibited at The Ringling for the esteemed 2021 Skyway Exhibition, leaving a lasting impression with his distinctive artistic vision. Additionally, his remarkable pieces have graced the walls of the UCF and Rollins Art Museums during the acclaimed 2022 Pathways Exhibit, demonstrating his ability to resonate with diverse audiences.

Eric's artistry comes to life through his unconventional use of a homemade egg tempera formulation. Comprising a unique blend of viscous balsam, fossilized hard resin, egg yolk, and water, these ingredients form a mutually insoluble concoction that demands both patience and meticulousness to manipulate effectively. This technique pays homage to traditional painting practices while simultaneously embracing a gestural and organic style that effortlessly communicates with contemporary themes and subjects. Eric's artworks capture the spirit of the present moment, infusing it with thought-provoking narratives and evocative imagery.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Eric generously shares his knowledge and passion for art and design as an esteemed educator. He imparts his expertise to aspiring artists and designers at Hillsborough Community College and the University of Tampa, nurturing and inspiring the next generation of creative minds.

Eric Ondina's artistic journey is marked by continuous growth and exploration. With each brushstroke, he invites viewers into a world where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist, creating an indelible impact on the art community and beyond.