Collection: GREG LATCH

Greg Latch is a multi-faceted artist who draws inspiration from his diverse background and experiences. He began his artistic journey in high school, drawing and painting. He then studied acting and fine art at the University of Mississippi, where he learned to create background scenes for stage productions. Latch also took art classes from private individuals in New Orleans, where he drew portraits of Jackson Square. He then moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he focused on painting and discovered his talent for working with people. This led him to pursue a career as a registered nurse, where he worked with psychiatric patients, drawing inspiration from these experiences for his art.

Latch spent 13 years in Artist unlimited, where he was exposed to master level artists from around the world, and participated in every medium, also taught classes in drawing live nudes. He also painted with master degree painter Ray Paul and many other master artists. Latch thrives in one-on-one learning environments, and his work is not just about the image but about the concept of what the image can say in more than one way. His art is a composite of different imagery placed together, even though in contrast they are still connected either through color, iconic image. He uses layers of oils, markers, tubes of oil, brushes and different size knives, metal knives, for this continuous scraping for texture and layering adding dimension while still peeling away almost in a sculpture type way. This is totally separate from the drawing which is free-form with no preconceived idea just a release of shapes and energy and displaced feeling. His art is not just visually stunning but also intellectually stimulating.