Collection: FONS ET ORIGO


JAN 3, 2023 - FEB 1, 2023



Title of painting is Hope by Guillo Perez 3 oil on canvas, 2022 

Our opening exhibition: 'Fons et Origo' (a latin phrase that means "source and origin"). In this mesmerizing exhibit the renowned artist, Guillo Perez 3, invites us to go on a colorful journey to explore the themes of creation and heritage. This exhibit showcases a diverse range of artworks that highlight the role that heritage and ancestry play in the creative process, and invites viewers to consider the ways in which their own identities and histories influence the art they produce and consume.

Title of painting is Run with Me by expressionist oil painter, Guillo Perez 3 -oil on canvas, 2022   

Our art show celebrates the diversity of our cultural backgrounds and the rich heritage that shapes our artistic identities. From traditional techniques and materials to contemporary interpretations of cultural themes and symbols, these works reflect the unique experiences and perspectives of the artist. We invite you to explore the various cultural influences that inform and inspire these creations, and to discover the many ways that our shared and individual histories shape the art we create.

Captain Grey Beard by Guillo Perez, oil on canvas

Guillo Pérez III, a Dominican-American painter who combines the fantastical with the real in his magical expressionist, figurative oil on canvas paintings. Pérez was born in 1981 in Santo Domingo and raised in Queens, New York. He has a strong artistic background, having studied painting from an early age with his grandfather, renowned artist Guillo Perez, and his father, both oil painters. He has also studied graphic design, marketing, and fine arts, and has worked with various mentors and artists to hone his skills.

Pérez's artistic technique, Bauhaus Budō, is based on the technical foundation of Bauhaus theory and combines the fantastical with the real in his neo-expressionist canvas paintings. In his works, color and line play equal roles, creating vivid and emotive elements with hues and brushstrokes juxtaposed in intriguing ways. At the heart of Pérez's art is a sense of peace, encouraging the viewer to contemplate the deep vortex of existence.

Pérez exhibits his artwork internationally and has received awards for his work. He currently works and resides in Ybor City, Florida. We are thrilled to have Pérez's unique and thought-provoking artwork as part of our show, and we hope you will take the opportunity to appreciate the cultural influences and artistic talents of his work.

This show is a testament to the importance of cultural diversity in the arts. It is an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the different artistic traditions that make up our world, and to see how these traditions continue to evolve and inspire new creations. We hope that you will take this chance to explore the cultural richness of our show and to discover the many ways that art can reflect and celebrate our shared and individual histories.