Collection: JASON SHIVER

Jason Shiver was born in New York City, where he was first exposed to art and culture at fine galleries and museums throughout the area. After moving with his family to St. Petersburg Florida in 1974, Salvatore Dali, the Ringling Museum and other various collections in the area helped inform his early creative urges. 

Shiver, who is a journeyman in the trades of carpentry and welding was not classically trained as an artist, however, he has always had a creative tendency.  Those tendencies have paved a road of creative inspirations, including several commissions in the Tampa Bay area.  Continuing to expand his reach of his artistic vision, Shiver headed to Shanghai in 2016 to help complete the Shanghai Disney Resort project.  While in Shanghai, Shiver was accepted into a Disney international art show and subsequently, was accepted to display his work for a one-man-show in the Tokyo Pan Gallery in China in March of 2017.  Recently, his work “Miratormachy” was on display at the ESP Gallery in Chelsea, New York.  

Shiver is currently an artist in residence at the “Dance Project” located at the Channelside area of Downtown Tampa.  As a sculptor and a painter, Shiver continues to expand his works to create unique expressions in various types of metals and upcycled materials. Known for both his artistic vision and unique processes, Shiver’s works include sculptures that speak to the primitive and primordial aesthetic that is universal to common ancestry.  A recurring theme and underlying intent in Shiver’s work is the relationship of humans to the expanse of nature and natures reclamation of the essence of all things; birth, life and mortality, with Shiver preferring the viewer feel challenged and to have a strong reaction, good or bad, as opposed to a tepid one.