Collection: ARTYSTA LULU

Born to a military family, artist Luisa "LuLu" Padro (Artysta LuLu), found artistic expression came naturally early-on. She completed her education with a Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communications, specializing in Public Relations from Middle Tennessee State University. A few years after graduating college, while working in higher education, she came to the realization that the only way she could see her dreams come true was by pursuing them, and so, in 2010 she began her career in Fine Art.

Since then, she has created hundreds of paintings in her particularly distinguishable style. Her inspiration comes from the unique characteristics which make us one-in-7-billion, and the fact that we are all made of the same elements as the stars and planets; this universal connection we all share with the external world and with each other is worth expressing. She has committed to sharing love and light energy through her artwork, she says, "Art is inception. You put your idea on something tangible, add some words to it and the viewer will have said your words in their mind. I misspell my words on purpose so the reader has to take their time with that idea, hopefully they walk away saying it a few times and maybe, the way seeds spread, my message does too."

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