Collection: DELANEY BEND

Born 1996 in Earlville, Illinois, USA
Lives and works in Tampa, Florida, USA

As an artist, Delaney Bend, aims to inspire others and help them connect to their inherent soul's wisdom and purpose through her art. Bend's goal is to facilitate creative healing processes and make them increasingly accessible across all populations, particularly vulnerable communities.

Bend believes that art has the power to transform and heal, and strives to create pieces that speak to the deepest parts of ourselves and help us tap into our inner wisdom. Whether through vibrant colors, expressive brushstrokes, or evocative themes, her art is meant to ignite the soul and help us connect to our true selves and our purpose in the world.

Bend hopes that her work will inspire others to embrace their own creativity and to explore the healing power of art. Whether you are an artist yourself or simply someone who loves to appreciate and engage with art, she hopes that her pieces will speak to you and help you connect to your own inner wisdom and purpose.